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Making The Police and Sting’s Solo

From childhood, Gordon remembered that his mother played the piano. When the child grew up and was able to reach the keys, the singer Stingto was very surprised that the music did not come out of his touch. Some critics say that this children’s conviction has been preserved in the Sting even today: just touch the instrument and music will flow from it. Then one of the uncle’s visitors forgot the guitar in the Samner house. She, of course, was in the hands of Gordon. However, after graduating from school, he chose a rather unexpected career — he entered the pedagogical college, after which he graduated in 1974 as an English teacher and got a degree in the Newcastle St. Paul Catholic School, where he worked for the next two years.

singer Sting, while studying at school, did not leave the musical exercises, played in the assembly hall at recess, after school. But not the “Beatles” became his favorite music, Gordon was interested, oddly enough, jazz. He was so interested that, while studying in college, he began to attend concerts of jazz musicians, and then himself appeared on the stage, playing bass in various jazz compositions, among them was the big band The Phoenix Jazzmen. They also awarded with a legendary pseudonym.
Making The Police and Sting’s Solo
In 1977, drummer Stuart Copeland, guitarist Andy Summers and Sting formed The Police. The first two singles “Fall Out” and “Roxanne” were not successful. The guys heard entrepreneur Miles Copeland (Stewart’s older brother). After becoming manager of the band, he signed a contract with A & M, who immediately released her debut album Outlandos d’Amour in November 1978. Re-released in April 1979, Roxanne rose in Britain to 12th place and became a European hit.

members of The Police Group The Police
The first success was followed by the albums Reggatta de Blanc, Zenyattà Mondatta, Ghost in the Machine and Synchronicity (with the mega-hit Every Breath You Take). After the triumphant world tour, Sting decided that with the group he achieved everything he could, and the team disbanded at the peak of popularity.

Sting’s independent career was no less successful. His first album with jazz elements “Dream of the Blue Turtles” became “platinum”. The single from it became “Russians”. In this song about Russians, Sting used the melody “Romance” from the suite “Lieutenant Kizhe” by the Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev.

Sting and his wife, Trudy
In 1987, after touring with Blue Turtles, Sting recorded the album “Nothing Like The Sun” (the name was inspired by a line from Shakespeare’s 130th sonnet). The disc came out in the fall and immediately found itself on the top lines of the charts around the world. The song “They Dance Alone (Gueca Solo)”, written by Sting in memory of the victims of repression in Chile, was especially popular. In 1988, the musician began to support the activities of the organization “Amnesty International”, and also takes care of the fate of the Brazilian forests and the Indians living there.

In 1991, Sting released the autobiographical album “The Soul Cages”, the single from which “All This Time” took fifth place in the top hundred of Billboard magazine. Two years later, the single “All For Love”, released on the soundtrack to the film “The Three Musketeers,” topped the US charts, and in December 1994 reached second place in the UK. The collection “Fields Of Gold” proves that Sting is one of the most talented authors of the second British “new wave” (after 1977).

Sting is just a man
family Stingas family on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Sting with his education and requirements was very difficult to find a girl. He finally met Trudy Styler. With his perennial companion, six children and dogs, the famous artist lives in New York.

The whole family, friends and colleagues continue to admire his close relationship with Trudy. Even when they are sometimes thrown into separate angry words, they soon again start stroking each other, kissing, hugging and cooing in some manner, as only fairly drunk people or those who very much love each other can behave. Sting states: “We are alike in many ways. We were both born in the early fifties, both went to a classical school, we are both from a family with a relatively small income. We feel nostalgia for the same thing, we remember the same commercials. She makes me laugh and cheers me up. She is my best friend, my love, my companion, and really I don’t want to think about life without her. ” The singer StingW of one of the articles in the newspaper Gordon Sting admits that she is engaged in such energetic love with Trudy that her head flies to the side. In this, like in no other activity, this person’s passionate nature is manifested.

P. S. Many friends and acquaintances in their memoirs and interviews admit that Sting has become different: more tolerant of people, not so “prickly” in expressions and criticism.

You can take your hat off in front of him, because Gordon does not stop working on himself and realizing overcomes his mistakes. Sting can serve as a standard of eternal struggle.

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