Sometimes it is difficult for us to even explain how Viktor Tsoi could deserve such a nationwide love. He wrote music and sang songs that awakened people, removed from their…

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singlar 55
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The birth of a star Vera Brezhnev
The transformation of Cinderella into a princess began when, in November 2002, Vera decided to participate in the Miss Dnipropetrovsk competition. A bright blond girl with stunning blue eyes was…

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Creativity Igor Talkov

Igor Talkov began writing songs since 1973. The first track was “I’m a little sorry.” After the singer Igor Talkovetoy, many different sketches were created, and in 1975 a ballad about the fate of a person in the world called “Share” was born, which the author considers his first professional work. At the age of sixteen, Igor Talkov created the Past and Thoughts vocal-instrumental ensemble with friends, and after graduating from school he became a member of the Tula professional musical group Fanta. During rehearsals, musicians played notes from a sheet, so Igor had to learn musical notation, which he missed in the music school. This was done in one summer.

In addition to music, Igor Talkov attracted the theater. After graduation, he went to Moscow to enroll in drama school, but encountered difficulties in passing the literature exam. Then he entered the Faculty of Physics and Technology of the Tula Pedagogical Institute, where he studied for a year and understood: the exact sciences are not for him. After leaving the pedagogical institute, he studied at the Leningrad Institute for a year, but was not satisfied with the education system.
Creativity Igor Talkov
After serving in the army, Igor returned to Shchekino, and from there he went to work in Sochi. At the Zhemchuzhina Hotel, songs by Igor Talkoviy were accepted in a variety mode by bass guitarist and vocalist with the lead vocalist Alexander Barykin. Talkov was noticed by Spanish singer Mitchell who was touring in Sochi. He offered a job to Igor. He agreed. Tours took place throughout the USSR at the best venues. After returning to Moscow a record was recorded. The musician worked in the best restaurants of Sochi and Moscow, meeting in them with the best musicians and the most famous groups, but Igor decided that playing to order was humiliating. Since 1982, he stopped performing in such places.

Igor Talkov worked with the April and Kaleidoscope groups. Many songs were written at this time, but it was not possible to perform them. In 1984, he played in a team that accompanied singer Lyudmila Senchina, and at the same time worked as an arranger for Stas Namin. At this time, songs were written to the music of Jacob Dubravin: “A vicious circle”, “Aeroflot”, “I am looking for beauty in nature”, “Holiday”, “The right is given to everyone”, “Hour before dawn”, “Loyal friend”, etc.

In 1986, Igor Talkov became a soloist (together with Irina Allegrova) and an arranger in the “Electroclub” group created by David Tukhmanov. Singer Igor Talkov In the fall of 1987, the team took second place at the festival of popular music “Golden Cameron”.

In 1987, the song of David Tukhmanov “Chistye Prudy” performed by Igor Talkov came to the program “Song of the Year”, after which Igor became known as a lyric musician. But most of the songs that Igor Talkov wrote were not at all like Chistye Prudy, and in order to perform them, he leaves Electroclub and creates his own group, Lifebuoy. The group goes on tour in Russia with a program that consists of two parts: songs of a civil theme and lyrics.

He said a lot
In his spare time, Igor studied the history of Russia using materials that he independently searched for in archives and libraries. For this, he necessarily allocated at least two hours a day. Information constantly accumulated, and then a song was written with lightning speed. So, after one sleepless night, in two minutes the song “Russia” was written, in which Igor never corrected a single line.

Igor Talkov’s wifeTatyana Talkova
In December 1989, the presenter of the TV program “Before and after midnight” Vladimir Molchanov included a video for the song “Russia” in his program. After that, the audience truly recognized Igor Talkov, he became known as the author and performer of diverse songs.

In 1990, the song “Former Awesome” sounded in the “Song of the Year”. Before performing this song, at one of the concerts, Igor told about who she was dedicated to: “Former tsarist officer Philip Mironov, Knight of St. George, hero of the Russian-Japanese War, in 1917, changes the oath, disrupts orders, golden shoulder straps and crosses and goes to fight for the so-called “people’s” power “.

Igor Talkov’s family
Having invited a girl named Tatyana to dance at the Metelitsa cafe on July 22, 1979, Igor Talkov found his future wife. A year later, the wedding took place. In a happy marriage, the family lived more than 11 years. October 14, 1981 son was born Igor Talkov, Jr., who adored Talkov Sr.

After the death of her husband, Tatyana Ivanovna tried to study as a psychologist, but then abandoned this idea. Stanislav Govorukhin offered her to work while filming one of his films. Since that time, Tatyana Talkova has been working as an assistant director at the film company Mosfilm.

Igor Talkov with his wife and sonIgor Talkov with his family
When his father died, Talkov Jr. was nine years old. In an interview, he admitted that at that time he did not want to make music. This hobby came at 15, when he found his father’s synthesizer and out of curiosity began to understand the sound of the instrument.

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