Christina Aguilera's voice is one of the most recognizable among all American vocalists, and she herself has long received the title of pop diva from her colleagues and fans. Christina…

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Perilous Lara Fabian
Lara Fabian's voice bewitches from the first chords of any composition. She can not be confused with any singer, so distinctive is her style. She goes on stage almost without…


Shaman on Stage Jim Morrison
In Jim's personal life, an important event also occurred: he met Pamela Carson. She will be devoted to most of his poems and many of the songs. The popularity of…

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The summer of 1954 stood outside … On July 5, Elvis first crossed the threshold of Sun Studio as singer Elvis Presley as a professional performer. A month later, Phillips released Presley’s debut single. After the local radio disc jockey, at the request of Phillips, scrolled this song, the audience received calls from the studio. Along with the work in the studio, Elvis, Scotty and Bill, calling their trio BLUE MOON BOYS, began performing in the vicinity of Memphis, gradually climbing further and further from home.

Elvis grew in popularity, and the song Baby Let’s Play House first hit the national hit parade. Elvis’ latest single, Sun, went on sale in August 1955. The album reached the top of the American country hit-parade and lasted 40 weeks in the charts! So Elvis became a national phenomenon. One after another, the largest companies were luring Phillips with impressive amounts, wanting to acquire a rising star.

The stunning success of Elvis
On January 10, 1956, Elvis Presley appeared on the doorstep of the RCA recording studio in Nashville. His full energy singing, combined with shameless movements on the stage, became increasingly popular, millions of records were sold, and success helped rock and roll to become a profitable music genre. Opened the road to a whole generation of studio performers.

No one has caused so much violent girlish delights like Elvis, and this is the first indicator of success. Presley was entrenched by the first line in the American charts with the song “Hotel of Broken Hearts.”
No wonder that very soon he was in Hollywood. The first Elvis film was called “Love Me Tenderly.” Hero-lover – another role from an idol would be strange to expect. In total for 15 years, he appeared in 33 tapes, and they all had a box office success.

It’s time to go to the army
Upon learning that he had received a summons to the army, the singer threw out some posh vases and candlesticks on the street, the singer Elvis Presley’s luxury hotel in Beverly Hills. The manager brought him to his senses. The main argument is that the two-year separation will only stir up interest towards him, and the return can be submitted as a national holiday.

And here, accompanied by a flash escort, Presley departs for Fort Hood. He has already accumulated over 53 million. He has not forgotten about the “wheel” and felt good in a jeep, scrubbed his shoes and, like everyone, took “on guard”. Freder than Presley served in Germany. Every week, a trip to Paris, and if you really need, by plane to Memphis.

In one of these attacks at an army party in his hometown, he looked at the 14-year-old Priscilla Bouillier, daughter of an Air Force captain. The blonde was embarrassed, for Presley it was so unusual that he was even more embarrassed by himself. The next day, Elvis rang the bell at the door of the two-story house at Boilee, with a full parade … As the bride was too young, the wedding had to wait seven years.

Beginning of the End
It seemed ahead straight and undisturbed way. But in 1962, after the next concert in Memphis, the singer Elvis Preslipevets disappeared. For the tabloid press, this became a new burning topic, and big newspapers did not lag behind. And Elvis at that time was intensively reading the Bible in his mansion and from time to time firing pistols at expensive trinkets. Boredom, apathy, drugs and a lot of whiskey – all this was. Elvis lived from binge to binge.

Only in May 1967, the black melancholy came to an end – he married Priscilla, and a year after the birth of his daughter Liza-Maria began touring. And in 1971, he is again in the top ten most prominent personalities of the United States. For five whole years, Elvis and Priscilla were together – an incredible amount for his rhythm of life. Then, taking their little daughter, Bouillier left, unable to bear her husband’s habits.

At that time, Presley was one of 150 Americans – owners of the black belt in karate. He volunteered to train his bodyguards, the West Brothers, who later opened the school. Elvis imbued with karate so much that he considered his stage successes the result of his philosophy. But this did not save Presley from either craving for alcohol, or depression, or gluttony. Passion for food and drugs seized him again. He rushed from the mountain of delicacies to starvation – the weight jumped and fell just as uncontrollably. In the mid-1970s, it was impossible to hide that Presley was seriously ill.

Elvis Presley with his wife Priscillois Priscilla
March 21, 1977, interrupting his touring trip, Elvis went to the hospital for examination. Rumors that he had cancer, a heart attack, or simply a period of withdrawal from drugs, were no longer relevant. The closest to the truth was the rumor about the operation to combat obesity. But she could not affect the worst.

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