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In the mid-1990s, Christina Orbakaite decided to sing. The timid attempts at my mother’s “Christmas meetings,” many have caused condescending smiles. As it turned out later, it was in vain. Perhaps the daughter did not inherit from Pugacheva’s voice, but took a lot from Alla Borisovna’s strong character. Christina took vocal and choreography lessons, did not spare money for clips and was rewarded for hard work: they began to be taken seriously. The singer Kristina Orbakayteodin from the brightest clips of that time – “Call Me” (directed by F. Bondarchuk) came out on TV screens, and Christina’s debut album “Loyalty” went on sale. Behind him were released: “0 hours 0 minutes”, “You”, “May”, as well as collections: “To the woman who …”, “The best” and others.

Kristina devoted most of her time to the stage, but she also managed to act in films: one after another, she followed roles in the films “Vivat, midshipmen!”, “Midshipmen-3”, “Limit”. Another passion was the theater. After studying at the faculty of the Russian Academy of Theatrical Arts, she played in the play “Monday after the miracle”, after which she received an award from the Ministry of Culture of Russia for the best female role. And then a role was played in the performance of the Yermolova Theater “Young Lady-Peasant”.

Christina Orbakayte’s light of love
singer Kristina Orbakaytes Vladimir Presnyakov
Christine did not grow up a spoiled, “star” child. She was quite modest, secretive and a bit closed. By the age of twelve, the girl had fallen in love with the composer and singer Igor Nikolayev. Pugacheva, in an interview, admitted that she did not know how to reason with her daughter. The wise Alla Borisovna found a way out by inviting Igor and his daughter Julia to visit. Christine saw that this man has been busy for a long time. She cried and humbled herself. The real first love of Orbakaite was Volodya Presnyakov. A few years older, he was already a bright star and easily collected sports palaces. Presnyakov Jr. worked with Alla Pugacheva at the Theater of Song, participated in TV programs, while remaining a touching young man with no signs of star disease.

singer Kristina Orbakaytes Ruslan Baisarov and son Denis
Christina and Volodya fell in love with each other, and in the tenth grade the girl moved in with her lover. Relations with Volodya’s parents were excellent. Soon Nikita was born in London, and the young mother was plunged in the care of the baby. Volodya then toured a lot, and this state of affairs quite suited him, but Christina did not. She dreamed of a career, not the role of a housewife. On this basis, cracks appeared in the relations of the young, which led to a rupture. Having dispersed, they, fortunately, managed to keep warm friendly relations.

Quickly enough, Christina found a replacement for Presnyakov in the person of Moscow businessman Ruslan Baysarov, as a result of a union with which the second son of the actress, Dany, was born. Their family was considered exemplary, but such a hot and proud man as Baysarov, apparently, did not like everything in the lifestyle of his wife. Rumor has it that Orbakaite left her husband’s house, taking her sons, after assault with assault. Over time, the relationship of Christina and Ruslan externally adjusted, but the family reunion did not happen. Be that as it may, according to the singer herself, the former husbands, in spite of everything, remain her friends and helpers.

singer Kristina Orbakaitas Mikhail Zemtsov and daughter
Then Mikhail Zemtsov, an American businessman of “Soviet” origin, became Christina Orbakaite’s “official man”. Christina was not going to immigrate to the United States for permanent residence. March 8, 2005, the couple legalized their relationship. On November 19, 2011, on Twitter, Christina announced her pregnancy, and on March 30, 2012, the singer gave birth to a daughter in Miami. Claudia Mikhailovna Zemtsova was baptized on December 20 in the Church of St. Louis of France. She received Catholic baptism. Alla Pugacheva and Fabian Orbakas (Christina’s younger brother) became godparents.

Outside the family
Christina Orbakaite is in demand and successful both on the stage and in the cinema. Despite her dislike of soap operas, she starred in the Moscow Saga serial film. Having worked on the same platform with venerable actors and realizing that the series can also be of high quality, Christina agreed to another telework – the 8-serial project “Sibling Exchange”, where she played two main characters at once. From her bright film works, one can singer Kristina Orbakaytena. Role in the comedy “Love-Carrot” (dir. A. Strizhenov), where such famous actors as Mikhail Kozakov, Gosha Kutsenko, Andrei Krasko were partners with Christina.

In 2007, director Stanislav Libin invited Orbakaite to play the role of the last Empress Alexandra Feodorovna in the film about Gregory Rasputin “Conspiracy”.

Respect of colleagues in the shop and the love of the audience actress Christina Orbakaite achieved her hardworking, dedication and, undoubtedly, talent, completely refuting the saying about “nature that rests.”

Concert group Christina considers her second family. She knows that the fate of the team depends on her actions.

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