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Tina Karol – singer

The competition in Jurmala Tina considered the most vivid, interesting and significant event in the life of a young performer, so she could not miss the opportunity to participate in the Tine Karol it. As is known, here Tina took second place and received a prize from the hands of Alla Pugacheva herself, after which, as they say, woke up famous.Probably, Tina Karol is the only performer of Ukraine in which seemingly incompatible things come together: the morale of the Ukrainian army, peacemaking, rapid musical career and a sincere smile … Her songs fascinate not only with the strength and beauty of the singer’s voice, but also with He tries to put his soul into his work. And many of those people with whom she worked claim that Tina is a real workaholic. It is called a motor and typhoon. But it only helps the singer to climb higher and higher on the “star Olympus” of the Ukrainian variety art.

Tina Karol and her producer Yevgeny Ogir signed in January 2008, and they were married on Holy Sunday of the Trinity in the Holy Dormition Cathedral of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. The singer ordered the wedding dress from designer Tatyana Abaza. The ring finger of Tina is decorated with an engagement ring made of white gold, studded with diamonds, while Ogir preferred a more traditional male version – a ring made of yellow gold and without stones.

The wedding was not without incidents. The sacrament lasted 40 minutes, during which the veil of the bride, in contact with a lighted candle, singer Tina Karolsagorel. I had to interrupt the ceremony to extinguish everything, and later it was possible to cut off the veil. Who knows, perhaps it was a foreshadowing that the young people could not be together for long.

Very little is known about Tina’s second half. He refused to talk about himself in life, referring to employment and lack of time. It is only known that Yevgeny Ogir was a native Kiev man. As an executive producer of the music channel M1, where he oversaw the projects “Milk Brothers” and “Your Format”. There is information that, in addition to producing the singer Karol, Ogir was a concert director of the Belarusian group “Leprice”.

Tina Karol – mom
Tina Karol’s fans did not have time to move away from experienced emotions after her wedding, as the earth was filled with new ears: singer Tina Karol is a singer pregnant. The reason for the appearance of information was the fact that the dress in which Tina appeared at the wedding ceremony was rather loose cut, and many “saw” under his rounded tummy. After that, the press reported that Tina had most of the concerts canceled for the near future. The young husband, Eugene, refused to comment on this issue and as it turned out, it was not for nothing, because after a while the rumors were confirmed: on November 18, 2008, Tina Karol gave birth to a son, Benjamin. She gave birth to a singer in a Kiev maternity hospital, where the children of many famous people of our country were born.

Marriage and family life of the singer did not last long. After a long illness on April 28, 2013, Evgeny Ogir died. It was rumored that Tina Karol could interrupt her musical career because of the tragedy. To the general joy of the singer’s fans, this did not happen.


In 2002, Tina Karol won the 2nd prize at the First All-Ukrainian Competition of Variety Artists. The first all-Ukrainian contest of Israeli songs ended for the singer with the 1st prize. singer Tina Karol In the same year, Tina Karol represented Ukraine at a gala concert of the Slavic Bazaar.

Tina Karol won the second place at the New Wave International Singing Competition in 2005, and also received two popular confessions: “Woman of the Year” and “Discovery of the Year”

In 2006, Tina Karol won the 7th place at the Eurovision Song Contest in Athens and released her debut album “Show me your love”.

Tina Karol won the “Female Oscar”. Not real, of course. It was founded by one of the magazines, whose readers voted for the most popular women in the country during the year, after which the leaders of the vote were determined and the prize was given to the singer. Tina Karol Tina Karol received it in 2007 for her “golden” album “The Pole of Attraction” and the All-Ukrainian tour on 26 cities of Ukraine.

In the video for the song “Klyuchik”, 60 cats, made of porcelain, precious woods, gold, decorated with precious stones, were placed in the room of the heroine of the video. The total cost of this rare antique collection is 100 thousand euros. The guard was assigned to the cats. When the work on the clip was completed, one statuette from the Tina Karol collection was given as a gift for the memory of the shooting.

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