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Sarah Brightman’s Magic Voice

What is the secret of the success of this green-eyed Englishwoman with a shock of gorgeous dark curls? Maybe the whole thing in the voice timbre? Or all the fault of the range of more than three octaves? Or maybe the secret lies in the stunning repertoire, which harmoniously includes the so-called “pop”, opera, musical, disco, and even jazz, rock and Celtic folk music? Or are people attracted by the presence of Miss Brightman of two voices – a chest and lyric soprano? Most likely, all these factors are important. Miss Brightman fans do not need such analysis and explanation. One day a man bewitched by her voice remains in this captivity forever.

Even opera arias in her mouth sound like something special – stylish and modern. Sarah Brightman, in fact, created a new direction in music. She crossed the bridge between the classics and the “pops”, was not afraid to mix them and be not like everyone else.

Sarah Brightman was born on August 14, 1960. She is Sarah Brightman in Burkamsted, a sleepy English town located not far from London. When the girl was three years old, Paula’s mother, who was fond of ballet and amateur theatrical activities, arranged her daughter to the Elmhart Ballet School. Thus began the artistic career of the young Miss Brightman.

Even as a child, Sarah understood what she wanted to achieve in life. Unlike other children, she did not need free time. After school she went to dance lessons and was engaged in ballet until eight o’clock in the evening. Returning home, the girl immediately went to bed to have time to do her homework early in the morning. On weekends, she performed at various local contests and festivals, where she always won prizes.

At age 11, Sarah was sent to a boarding school that specialized in performing arts. The girl had a hard time, because with students the friendship did not develop, she was constantly teased. Unable to stand, Sarah once escaped from school, but her father persuaded her to return. At the same time, he told his daughter that the right to choose was hers. And my daughter chose a boarding school where she could develop her artistic talents.

Sarah herself always wanted to sing, but her mother realized that her daughter had an amazing voice only when she turned 12 years old. singer Sarah Brightman. When she saw the performance of her girl at a school concert where she sang a song from “Alice in Wonderland,” Paula realized that it was singing that was Sarah’s vocation. Young Miss Brightman looked then not the best way: tangled hair, braces on her teeth. In a word – the period of ripening. However, the audience was numb with delight.

Sarah’s teachers quickly discerned the talents of the young talent. After a year of study at the boarding school, she was sent to audition at the Piccadilly Theater, where they recruited actors for the new musical John Schlesinger “I and Albert”. Sarah got two roles at once. This experience has forever instilled in her a passionate love for the scene.

After studying at the boarding school for 14 years, Sarah transferred to the London School of Performing Arts. Sarah, who dreamed of a singer’s career, decided not to limit herself to dancing. In school, except for ballet classes, she attended singing lessons. Moreover, the girl learned to play the piano, guitar, and even composed songs, and during the holidays worked as a model.

However, the future of Miss Brightman was still tied to ballet. Everyone expected Sarah to join the Royal Ballet, but she didn’t qualify. The girl was depressed, but did not give up. As a result, 16-year-old Sarah Brightman realized the dream of thousands of teenage girls, becoming a member of the then-popular dance group Pan’s People. In addition, Sarah was a model of Vogue, and the cosmetics company Biba chose her company face. singer Sarah Brightman Very considerable achievements to begin with.

Over time, Pan’s People lost their place in the television charts on the BBC and began touring with dance numbers in the country. Sarah remained a member of the group for 18 months, until choreographer Arlene Phillips noticed her, who was looking for new dancers for her Hot Gossip team. Sarah was selected.

At the same time, Sarah Brightman was recording demo songs. One of the songs interested record producer Hans Ariol.

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