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Michael Jackson was the brightest pop star of all time. His talent was admired, millions of fans idolized their idol, and colleagues recognized his brilliant performing and dancing abilities. The list of epithets that journalists have given him for his long and unsurpassed creative life can hardly fit on one page. So he was and remained in the memory of all who once fell in love with the music of Michael.

In The Power Of The Nutcracker
His whole life is shrouded in incredible legends, adventures and scandals were his faithful companions, and the yellow press earned millions in profits on his name alone. He knew about how heavy the burden of fame was from childhood, when, at the age of five, he began performing in the family group The Jackson 5, which was organized by the head of the family, Joseph.

Michael Jackson was the seventh of nine children, he was born on August 29, singer Michael Jackson in 1958 in the city of Gary, Indiana. My father quickly realized that his children were not deprived of talents and had made a good team of them, the youngest of whom was Michael. He attracted the attention of the public more than other brothers, the boy already then sang and danced best of all. Later, the singer told me that in childhood he had become a veteran musician.

Despite the fact that Michael played pop music, he was seriously interested in classics. He was fascinated by the “Nutcracker” by Pyotr Tchaikovsky. Each melody of this work he considered a real hit. Then he decided that there should also be an album in pop music, in which each song would be a hit.

Michael Jackson under the roof of Motown
From an early age, Jackson comprehended the wisdom of the profession, watching the best performers. He disappeared behind the scenes of Fred Astaire and James Brown, took over all their movements, demeanor, self-serving, intonation. Brown became for Jackson singer Michael Jacksonkumir of all times, having the greatest influence on the young musician. Michael adopted the vocal style of James, adapted his rhythmic singing, combined his style with others and created his own unique image.

Michael continued his musical education at the famous studio Motown, surrounded by the stars of that era – Smokey Robinson, Gladys Knight, Marvin Gay and Diana Ross. By the way, it was she who sheltered the young man for several months at her home when he moved to Los Angeles. He loved coming to the studio to see Stevie Wander and watch him work. Michael was interested not so much in the process of recording albums, as in the laws of creating music.

Mountaineers from the Motown record company helped the young Jackson cut his talent and polish his natural gift. The most significant role in his life was played then by the owner of the studio Berry Gordy. He made a perfectionist from his ward, forcing him to record hundreds of duplicates of a song in order to achieve the desired effect.

singer Michael JacksonJackson 5
Michael Jackson all his life adhered to the principles in the work that Gordy instilled in him – the desire to conquer the audience, all sorts of charts and charts, conquering the world with his music. The owner of the studio was a pioneer in promoting the music of black performers, he knew that she was unfairly pushed into the background. It was he who paved their way to a big show business.

Music without boundaries
During the ten years of collaboration with the studio Motown The Jackson 5 released several super successful compositions. Michael was simultaneously involved in solo projects, but he always wanted more. In 1978, he made his debut in the movie “The Wizard” (based on the fairy tale “The Wizard of Oz”), where he played with Diana Ross. On the set, he met a man who helped him from a famous black guy to become a superstar of pop music. It was Quincy Jones – an outstanding music producer. He created music without boundaries and Michael liked it. Singer Michael Jackson

Jackson did not tolerate when his work is classified according to genre, racial or national characteristics. The singer said that great music has no color and boundaries. And Jones called Jackson the sponge, which for ten years has absorbed all the best from the great people of musical art. No wonder he learned from the most-most, to become that person, of which there will no longer be equal.

Thanks to the work of Quincy Jones, Jackson’s album “Off The Wall” became multiplatinum in 1979. Circulation was 10 million copies.

The next album by the singer “Thriller” broke his previous record and soared to a height that the other singer Michael Jackson became unattainable for others. More than 50 million copies scattered around the world, the record did not have time to republish, and Michael was awarded seven statuettes Grammy Awards. But this list of records of the album “Thriller” does not end there. 37 weeks in a row he lasted in the leaders of the charts. Until now, this indicator has not been achieved by anyone.

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