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Christina Aguilera’s voice is one of the most recognizable among all American vocalists, and she herself has long received the title of pop diva from her colleagues and fans. Christina won the title of “princess of pop music” at the very beginning of her career and continues to argue that she deserves this title, having sold 50 million albums worldwide.

One can only imagine what other hits are waiting for us ahead.

Young star
Christina’s childhood was not at all cloudless. She was born on December 18, 1980 in New York. His father (an emigrant from Ecuador) was a military man and kept his family in severity, which sometimes more resembled tyranny. Aguilera’s mother tolerated this for six years, and then took two daughters and left for Pennsylvania to start a new life.

Despite the family troubles, the mother gave the children maximum attention and developed their creative abilities, herself being a professional violinist and pianist. singer Christina AguileraChristina inherited from her a love of music.

Already in elementary school, she became the object of envy of all classmates when she began performing at the show for talented children. In 10 years, Aguilera won second place in the prestigious “Looking for stars” competition, performing the song “Sunday Love” by Etta James. Then the audience was simply fascinated by the voice of a small vocalist.

Every year the piggy bank of creative victories of the girl only replenished. After the 8th grade, she even decided to quit school and finish her studies as an external student in order to devote more time to her favorite singing. Her mother hired tutors for Christina so that her daughter would not have a gap in school education.

Christina Aguilera’s first contract
The new Mickey Mouse Club TV show in 1993 sparked stars such as Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Carey Russell and Ryan Gosling. For two years, Christina participated in the filming of the program, and then went with her mother to Japan. There she was waiting for Keizo Nakanishi, with whom she recorded the song “All I Wanna Do”. This single made the young American female singer very popular in the Land of the Rising Sun.

At home, Christine was immediately offered to record the soundtrack “Reflection” to the singer Christina Agileradisneevsky the full-length cartoon “Mulan”. This song became commercially successful and helped the singer win the Golden Globe award. After that, the record company RCA Records signed a contract with the singer.

In 1999, her debut album Christina Aguilera saw the light, its circulation reached 8 million copies. The undoubted hits of the collection were the songs “Genie in a Bottle” and “What a Girl Wants”. Strong self-reliance, striving for perfection, originality of performance and powerful vocal data helped Christine to make the first album worthy of the warmest reviews from critics. For him, the singer was awarded the music award “Grammy” as the best performer of the year.

New image
Now Christina Aguilera with her former partners in the Mickey Mouse Club and current colleagues have become the idols of adolescents of the middle and late 1990s. singer Christina Aguilera But the romantic image of the cutie girl quickly bored Christine, she realized that this framework was not for her temperament and character. The singer recorded a joint single “Lady Marmalade” with singers Pink, Mua and Lil Kim. He became the soundtrack to the film “Moulin Rouge”. Christina appeared before the fans in a challenging and even aggressive way, which attracted new admirers to her work. The song stayed on the top of the charts for several weeks and brought a whole set of awards to the performers. And Christina at the age of 20 became a world-famous celebrity.

Adult Music
In the wake of this success, RCA Records has released a collection of youthful songs by Christina Aguilera called “Just Be Free”. He didn’t just sell well, the disc went platinum.

At the end of 2002, Christina released a new album, “Stripped”. It was a new stage of her work. The album climbed to the second lines of the American and British charts.
In this compilation, the singer decided to try herself as a songwriter and wrote in collaboration with Scott Storch and Linda Perry 14 of the singer Christina Aguilera 20 songs.

Aguilera experimented with styles and sounds, mixing pop music with rock, soul, blues and hip-hop. The album’s circulation reached 12 million, despite the storm of criticism that the singer had to endure because of her sexual image and the photo topless on the cover. The change of image of Aguilera was not liked by all critics, but Christina’s immaculate performing skills did not give reason to doubt her professionalism. The album has been nominated for a Grammy award five times. For the best female pop vocal, the singer nevertheless received the coveted statuette.

Photos in the nude for Rolling Stone magazine only supported the new candid image of Christina Aguilera. And in 2003, she again excited the audience when she turned from a blonde into a brunette and went with Justin Timberlake on a world tour, which was the most successful for the year.

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