Marketable Marc Bernes
Mark Naumovich Neumann (this is the real name of the artist) was born in Nezhin on October 8, 1911. He spent his childhood in the family of an accountant, where…

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dejta 50
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Hot as fire, energetic, like an erupting volcano, talented, like all the gods of Olympus, a loving mother and beloved wife. All this is Shakira, which in fact does not…

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Marketable Marc Bernes

Mark Naumovich Neumann (this is the real name of the artist) was born in Nezhin on October 8, 1911. He spent his childhood in the family of an accountant, where constant lack of money reigned … When Mark was five years old, his parents moved to Kharkov. Father wanted his son to have a “reliable” profession. Mark thought otherwise. At the age of 15, he came to the play in the theater, and the topic of choice was no longer on its own. He put up posters on the streets, and then he turned into a live poster: walked around the city with a banner and invited to the next premiere of the Kharkov Drama Theater.

After some time, 16-year-old Bernes was introduced to the head of theatrical extras. They needed and in the operetta, singer Mark Bernesi in the drama. However, Mark was ready to work in the theater by anyone: he helped the stage workers, props, illuminators, and breathers. Before becoming an artist, he learned the whole theatrical inside. And at the age of 17 he ran to Moscow with sandwiches in his pocket, confident that they were waiting for him at the Maly Theater. Where, in fact, is Small, he learned at the Kursk railway station from the porter. The most amazing thing is that they took him to the Maly Theater from the first call. Six months later he moved to another theater. It did not take much time. It was enough to cross the Theater Square to be in the Bolshoi, which also felt the need for extras.

Actor or singer?
At the beginning of 1930, he was accepted into the Korsch Theater as an auxiliary “actor” actor – the same roles on the exits. There he met his first wife, Paola.

In 1933, he was unexpectedly invited to the cinema for a bit part in the film “Prisoners” with Mikhail Astangov. singer Mark Bernes Real success for Bernes was not the appearance on the screen itself, but friendship with Astangov and acquaintance with Nikolai Pogodin. Without this friendship, there probably wouldn’t have been Kostya Zhiguleva and the first song sung by Mark Bernes.

At the concert, he first spoke on December 30, 1943. It was a combined theatrical performance. I was worried terribly, but the success was so obvious that he began to be invited to perform with songs. Gradually and involuntarily, Bernes worked less and less in films and more and more on stage. He did not know the notes, called them “tea leaves”, worked painfully, pulling the poets with countless night calls and demands for rework.

“Star on the” Volga “”
In April 1958, he participated in a concert dedicated to the next Komsomol congress, which was attended by Khrushchev. The performances were strictly regulated – Bernes was assigned only two songs. singer Mark Bernes After the second hall called him an encore. It lasted an incredibly long time. Mark Bernes bowed, went backstage and reappeared on the stage – the hall did not let up. Once again, having left the stage, Mark Naumovich began to look for organizers in order to ask permission to sing an encore. There was no one behind the scenes. All in a panic fled, fearing to take responsibility for the “rules”. Bernes was forced to go under the applause. Alexey Adzhubey, who was sitting next to Khrushchev, began demonstratively outraged by the behavior of the “arrogant” artist, who did not want to “sing for the people.” Without delving into the details of the concert regulations, Khrushchev enthusiastically picked up the words of his son-in-law. Shortly thereafter, Mark Bernes had a “meeting” with the traffic police inspectors. Returning home, he managed to slip into the green light, but the guard did not think so. Mark Naumovich wisely stopped. Banal road incident elevated to the rank of a criminal offense.

The reaction was followed immediately – newspaper articles, published with a small interval: “Vulgarity on stage”, “Star on the Volga”. The latter was especially dangerous. In it, Bernes was accused of as much disobedience to the authorities. We agreed to the fact that the actor dragged the unfortunate guard a few meters on the hood. The criminal case collapsed pretty quickly: in particular, the guard claimed that the car was light gray in color, while Mark Naumovich drove a black Volga. Of course, there were no refutations.

It was a very difficult period in the life of Mark Naumovich. Calls from movie studios, invitations to concerts have stopped. Shortly before, his wife Paola died of cancer. He was left alone with the three-year-old daughter Natasha and the housekeeper. Double blow turned into a heart attack. He almost did not go out. The fact that Mark Bernes, in essence, is poor, few knew. It was only in early 1961 that the “dark night” around Bernes began to disperse little by little. There were invitations to shoot and sound. And when daughter Natasha went to the first grade, he met a young woman, whose son also became a first grader. Her name was Lilia Bodrova.

It was as if everything was getting better, but at one of the concerts (as it turned out, the last one) he became ill. He finished the meal, went backstage and fell. With a diagnosis of “radiculitis,” he was hospitalized. And the next day, Mark Naumovich was diagnosed with lung cancer.

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