Marketable Marc Bernes
Mark Naumovich Neumann (this is the real name of the artist) was born in Nezhin on October 8, 1911. He spent his childhood in the family of an accountant, where…

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Operations - for good luck Peggy Lee
Her career prospects became clearer when she went to Minneapolis, where she began to sing in the dining room of the Radisson Hotel. At the same singer Peggy Lives, she…


Creating a duet
In 2004, the girl took part in the Black Sea Games festival, and in 2005 she went to London for the UBN Awards as the “discovery of the year”. Soon…

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The birth of a star Vera Brezhnev

The transformation of Cinderella into a princess began when, in November 2002, Vera decided to participate in the Miss Dnipropetrovsk competition. A bright blond girl with stunning blue eyes was noticed immediately among a large crowd of people who wanted to, and she didn’t even have to go through the qualifying rounds for the rest. The organizers of the competition did not doubt that the three winners Vera Brezhneva will necessarily. But fate made its own adjustments: at this very time, the administrators of the group “VIA Gra” remembered the beauty. And Vera chose a musical career. She was included in the group in January 2003.

The first album of the group “Attempt Number” was immediately rewritten “for Faith”, and the new video “Do not leave me, darling!” With its participation took the leading places in the CIS charts. Even the American astronaut Michael Foul took this disk with him on a six-month trip to the space station. It is so convincingly asked: “Do not leave …”.
Leaving, Vera did not yet know how much her life would change. She thought that between tours she would be able to come to her relatives at least once a week. What is there! If she managed to come home at least once a month, the singer Vera Brezhnev was happy. Sonya’s daughter was still with the parents of the Faith, and the actress lived alone and restless in Kiev. In the first month did not know anyone. I got used to the new situation and the life rhythm for a long time, I yearned for the past.

As part of the group, Vera went through a lot of events: the love of the audience, songs, hits, numerous awards and numerous changes of composition, only she remained a constant participant for more than four years. In November 2006, Vera married Ukrainian businessman Mikhail Kiperman and at the end of July 2007 went on sabbatical leave for an indefinite time, deciding to devote herself to her family. The official message that Vera Brezhnev left the group “VIA Gra” forever, appeared in December 2007. And on December 17, 2009, their daughter Sarah was born. However, the marriage existed only until 2012.

The Magic of the First Channel
Almost immediately after leaving the group, Channel One producers made an offer to Vera Brezhnev that could not be refused. She did not …, but again proved that beauty, talent and versatility are inherent in her like no other. That is why she was chosen to be the host of the talk show “Magic of Ten”, where a dizzy blonde distributed to everyone 10 million rubles. But this is already Vera Brezhnev past … as the first movie role. Vera had previously been offered to act in film, but after reading the script, she remained unhappy – there was almost no need to play there, and a beautiful face would suffice.

However, the creators of the film “Love in the big city” persuaded her, which she did not regret at all: her heroine is a very characteristic character who will be close to the majority of the female audience.

Vera has created a charitable children’s fund “Ray of Faith”, where she helps children with leukemia and does not get tired to improve.

Career from Vera Brezhnev did not run away
She is a true blonde: both externally – by the color of her hair, and internally, because she is a fair, light man. Very active, always cheerful, and calm can only be in two cases: when she is sad or tired. And so – an inexhaustible source of energy. I got to VIA Gru due to my own persistence and artistry, and it was with the advent of Vera that the group reached its peak.

Now the star is preparing solo albums and devotes a lot of time to girls. On November 24, 2010, the presentation of Vera Brezhnev’s first solo album “Love will save the world” took place. In addition, the year was marked for the singer by the first statuette at the ceremony of presenting the national award “Golden Gramophone” for the song “Love will save the world.”

singer Vera Brezhnevas son Sonya
At the sixth annual awards ceremony for the winners in the nomination “The Most Beautiful People of Ukraine-2010”, Vera Brezhneva became the winner in the nomination “The Most Beautiful Woman of Ukraine”. March 8, 2011 the disc “Vera Brezhnev. Beauty Secrets ”, and in May the premiere of the song“ Real Life ”.

Vera Brezhnev never ceases to please fans of its impeccable appearance. Despite the rather busy schedule, the singer always looks amazing. The artist herself admits that the secret of her beauty lies in the correct mode of the day; she tries to sleep at least eight hours a day. This, in her opinion, is the key to a beautiful and healthy body.

As for private life, according to reports in the Italian media, Vera Brezhneva secretly married Konstantin Meladze in October 2015. The painting took place in Forte dei Marmi, and the newlyweds replaced the wedding banquet with a quiet dinner at a local restaurant.

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