Freddie Mercury
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Once the press called Donovan "the troubadour of England in the sun." And he claims that he is a "seller of hope." And with the money, he bought an island…


Making The Police and Sting's Solo
From childhood, Gordon remembered that his mother played the piano. When the child grew up and was able to reach the keys, the singer Stingto was very surprised that the…

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Creating a duet

In 2004, the girl took part in the Black Sea Games festival, and in 2005 she went to London for the UBN Awards as the “discovery of the year”. Soon after, the young singer began to cooperate with the producer center Music-Motors. It all started with the selection of the repertoire. Together with producer Ruslan Minzhinsky, they began to look for a girl for songs and style. She even recorded an album, but it did not help.

At the same time, the producer carried out the same work with Potap, who at the same time was looking for a girl for a joint song, offered singer Nastya Kamensky to be performers in a duet: Natalia Mogilevskaya, Bianka … But they all refused. And when he had almost abandoned this idea, his friend and future partner Minzhinsky suggested inviting an unknown young Nastya. When the singer told Ruslan that she wanted to try something new, the producer and suggested that she sing a duet with Potap. By this time, the song had already been found that made them famous. And after she sang the hit “Not a pair” with Potap, accompanied by a shocking video, everyone started talking about a bright new duet with a charming soloist. Then endless concerts, tours, and filming began.

Life on wheels
Having become famous, Anastasia tasted all the joys of star life: invitations for photo shoots in various magazines, social events, meetings with fans. But, as you know, this is only one side of the coin.

Because of the tour, the most delicious food for her was broth and buckwheat with sausages. In one of the interviews, the girl joked that they do not always cook buckwheat in restaurants, but if she really asks, then they do it for her.

singer Nastya Kamenskih with Potap
Once at a concert in Odessa, there was such a case. Behind the scenes, Nastya lost consciousness. She felt bad just before going on stage, just a pressure drop. Two minutes, the girl led to himself! Colleagues say: “Let’s go to the hospital,” – and she: “No, I will speak.” And she courageously kept her promise. According to Nastya herself, Potap held her hand during the performance, and still, periodically, the poor thing seemed to be falling down now. After all, the scene was built at a height of 20 meters and from it a wonderful view of the Potemkin Stairs opened. But with constant dizziness due to flights, even this beauty didn’t bring joy to the singer.

Nastya Kamensky’s personal file
For more than three years Nastya met an ordinary guy named Vladimir, who was the same age as her. The young man runs a private business, which he inherited from his father and, moreover, has a little sister, because the tragedy that happened in Vova’s life left him without parents.

Nastya also suffered in this accident. Together they traveled by car from Kiev to Nikolaev to mark the birthday of Marusya – Volodya’s sister. Suddenly, the car shook sharply, and at the same second the car led to the right. Everything happened at lightning speed. Just now they were quietly driving along an empty highway, suddenly a huge wagon ran towards us, and … the car spun five times. singer Nastya KamenskyHot Nastya lost consciousness. When he awoke, she found herself lying in the grass and her leg was itching unbearably. I decided to look, and there all the skin is torn. Then it turned out that besides this, she had a broken head and blood from the wound. Under the scorching sun, she turned off again. I woke up from jolts – the ambulance arrived, and she was put on a stretcher. After the tragedy, a huge scar remained on her feet for a long time, and the wound on her head did not heal. But Nastya believes that she got off easily and can celebrate on this day, June 8, her second birth.

Nastya broke up with her young man. She already thought about the family, but then changed the decision. Now she is getting married not earlier than in a few years. So, she still has a lot of songs ahead, a lot of drive and a lot of victories. After all, it is not for nothing that they call her the most luxurious brunette of the Ukrainian variety art and simply a very strong personality.

Nastya Kamensky in a duet … not with Potap
The singer participated in the project on the First Channel of the Russian television “Two Stars”, speaking with Garik Kharlamov (previously a member of the KVN team “Unsolicited Youth”, then a resident of the Comedy Club). According to Nastya, she was very lucky, because it was great to work with Garik. singer Nastya Kamenskih He is a cheerful and very positive person. And not only so. According to her, the 20-year-old singer can get into the company of such celebrities, and even get recognition and love – this can “pull the roof off”.

When asked if she has a real name or a stage name, she proudly says that her parents called her that and can show her passport.

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