Montserrat Caballe
Montserrat Caballe is destined to be the last of the caste of great opera divas of the twentieth century. At one time, Maria Callas was assigned the epithet Divine, and…

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Montserrat Caballe

Montserrat Caballe is destined to be the last of the caste of great opera divas of the twentieth century. At one time, Maria Callas was assigned the epithet Divine, and Renata Tebaldi was called Amazing. Montserrat Caballe is quite worthy of the title “Unsurpassed.”

For the first time, the opera shook Montserrat at the age of seven, when she sobbed all the way back from the theater, frustrated by the death of Madame Butterfly.The girl learned the aria of the heroine, listening to the old record, and vowed that she would become a famous and rich opera singer.

Talented plain woman montserrat caballe
Maria de Montserrat Viviana Concepcion Caballe y Folk was born in a very poor family on April 12, 1933. Dad was a worker at a chemical fertilizer factory, and mom worked where she could. The family barely made ends meet. At school, Montserrat was also unimportant. The children didn’t like her because she was a silent savage and the singer Montserrat Caballeria went to classes in the same dress. Classmates did not miss the chance to laugh at her. To top it all off, my father fell seriously ill and quit his job. But domestic difficulties only tempered the character of the girl.

She settled into a factory where handkerchiefs were embroidered. And soon the fate smiled upon her, bringing into life the spouses Beltran Mata. They were patrons who helped young talents. Thanks to their support, Caballe was in the famous Liceo Conservatory in Barcelona with the Hungarian teacher Eugenem Kemmen. For four years she had cut a nugget, turning it into a real diamond. For many years, every day the great singer began with breathing exercises in the Kemmen system.

To Italy!
Twelve years old Montserrat Caballe studied at the Lyceum of Barcelona. Having finished it with a “gold” medal, the future singer went to storm the bastions of the opera Mecca – theaters of Italy. However, the 24-year-old “impostor” in Verdi and Puccini’s homeland was met with cruel disappointment: some petty impresario categorically stated to Montserrat that her stage career was ruled out – with such a figure she should find a husband and raise children. In tears, Caballe rushed home, where the fierce Catalan, her brother Carlos, defended the family property. He personally volunteered to take the place of Montserrat impresario, so that henceforth no one could prevent his sister from taking off.

Caballe made her professional debut on November 17, 1956 – she sang Mimi in La Boheme, Giacomo Puccini, singer Montserrat Caballena on the stage of the Basel Theater, a small but famous one.

Soon, Montserrat married the then famous tenor Bernabe Marty. Young people met at the same sign for Madser Butterfly. During a love duet, he attracted Caballe to himself and clung to her lips. A passionate kiss lasted so long that the orchestra was silent. Both the spectators and the artists, in perplexity, waited for the hero to detach from the young singer. Caballe appreciated Marty’s quick wit and immediately fell in love with him. The next day, the Bernabe offered Montserrat a hand and a heart.

Career Bernabe gradually faded away. But he was not jealous of his spouse for fame: he understood how a great number of men in the whole world envied the only owner of the heart of the lord of the Soprano, as they call the Caballe in his homeland. And she answered him in return, giving her husband and daughter a daughter – Bernabe Jr. and Monsita.

Wedding Adventure Montserrat Caballe
As far as the singer on the stage is focused and purposeful, she is unorganized in life. She was late for her own wedding!

It was in 1964. The marriage was to take place in the temple at the monastery on the mountain of Montserrat, near the singer Montserrat Caballeot of Barcelona. Mother of the bride, strict Donna Anne, it seemed that it would be very romantic: the ceremony, overshadowed by the patronage of the most reverend Montserrat. And on the wedding day, Caballe leaves with his mom in an old Volkswagen. And it is necessary for this to happen that in August in Barcelona it started to rain. Until we reached the mountain, the road was unlucky. The car is stuck. Neither there nor here. Stalled motor. They remained 12 kilometers. All the guests are already upstairs, and mother and bride are wallowing downstairs, and there are no chances to climb up. And then Montserrat, in her wedding dress and veil, is wet, gets up on the road and starts voting. For such a frame, any paparazzi would give half his life now. But then nobody knew her. Indifferently, the cars drove past a large, dark-haired girl in a ridiculous white dress gesturing desperately on the roadway. Fortunately, some shabby truck slowed down. Montserrat and Anna climbed up on him and rushed to the church, where the poor groom and guests no longer knew what to think.

Safe Harbor Montserrat
singer Montserrat Caballez husband of Bernabe Marty
As a true Catholic, the singer most of all appreciated her family, whose members wake up at different times, but still have breakfast all together. Then everyone goes about their business. The opera singer didn’t like to cook too much, the more she couldn’t eat many dishes.

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