Thomas Anders does not flash every day on TV, you rarely see his interviews in newspapers, now he often records his songs in a duet with various foreign performers and…

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Rare vocal, fantastic energy of creativity and the magnificent choreography of Raphael can not be compared with any known world performer. The idol of millions, the god of musical Olympus,…

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At the same time, Barbara sang (she had a beautiful voice in her school years) in a filthy night cabaret. For self-taught it was a good result. “No one ever showed me how to play. I knew how to do it always. To me, singer Barbara Streisand has always seemed to be a nonsense thing that is embarrassing to learn, ”she said, already at the height of fame, when it never occurred to anyone to reproach the actress for lack of professional education.

Playing tiny roles in the crowd, Barbara slowly but surely moved to the goal – to become a famous actress. The first more or less significant role appeared in her early 1960s in the Broadway musical “As much as you want – I’ll get so much,” in which she played the gryzu-secretary. Immediately several influential theater reviewers noted it in their articles: “Ugly, not sexy, besides Jewish.”

They talked about it, no matter whether with a plus or a minus sign. Now Barbara has started the fight for the main role in the play “Funny Girl”. The hackneyed one hundred percent American plot about Cinderella, who had suddenly turned from a plain woman into a damn attractive girl and achieved fame on the stage, was harder to find a more suitable role for Barbara. After all, this is her story, she played almost herself.
Barbara Streisand’s Honored Success
After the premiere, newspaper headlines were full of the words “new star”. Singer Barbara Streisand It was a huge success, after which the most tempting offers fell. Now no one dared to remember either the nose or the lack of charm. Having a delicate scent to the tastes of the public, Barbara Streisand quickly rushes into the music business – she releases the first album of songs, for which an unprecedented deal! – immediately receives the prestigious Grammy Award, the highest music award.

Following the theater, music came the turn of the cinema. With her bitchiness, she shook the entire movie world to the depths of her soul. No one is ever surprised at the constant clashes between actors and directors – the very nature of their relationship is as follows. But the terror that arranged Streisand on the cinema, just entered the annals of Hollywood history. Barbara modestly retorted to all reproaches about her excessive temper, that the rumors about her difficult character were too exaggerated, although “something was not invented.”

After a resounding success, the directors began to vigorously propose the role to Streisand, but all of them singer Barbara Streisandpokhodili one on another. In 1969, director Gene Kelly shot her in his comedy “Hello, Dolly!”. She still fondly recalls how in this film they sang a duet with Louis Armstrong, and his hoarse bass perfectly complemented the silvery soprano of Barbara.

Starry life appeared before her in its entirety. Until now, Barbara remembers the distant history of the late 1960s, when she received written threats to be shot right at the concert. It is this story that formed the basis of the famous film “The Bodyguard” with Whitney Houston in the title role.

Woman in love
However, like any woman Barbara has never forgotten about her personal life. singer Barbara StreisandV youth she had no fans – the boys avoided the plain party. And only by breaking out into the front ranks of the Hollywood high society, she solved the problem of her loneliness.

For the first time she married her colleague, actor Elliot Gould. The family idyll lasted for four years, a son was born, and since 1967, there have been constant fights and scandals. Her love list included: Elvis Presley, Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, actor Omar Sharif and tennis player Andre Agassi.

Barbara had always had a low opinion of men, and after her own son had married his friend, male model David Knight, and even arranged a magnificent wedding about it, she was even more convinced that men: “Too much they chat, they promise too much, but they do too little … “. She did not go to the ceremony. But after this, Barbara began her public work, in which she advocated including the rights of homosexuals.

singer barbara stretches james brolin
And in 1998, the life that Barbara led for many years ended, and only one came to replace the endless men. Actor and director James Brolin has managed to magically transform the most extravagant Hollywood lady into an exemplary spouse …

Since then, Barbara is practically not removed. She proved to the world that winning it is not so difficult, and the ugly duckling is not a sentence.

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