What is known about the new stars of the Voice of Ukraine, who have every chance of getting to Eurovision
The project “The Voice of the Country” in Ukraine is one of the most popular, bright and creative shows, every season of which is eagerly awaited. And this, the 9th…

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Freddie Mercury
Many such musicians dreamed of such frenetic popularity that Freddie Mercury had. Even the legends of rock music considered him an outstanding performer and songwriter. It is no secret that…


Christina Aguilera's voice is one of the most recognizable among all American vocalists, and she herself has long received the title of pop diva from her colleagues and fans. Christina…

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Dalida’s path to the dream

December 25, 1954, Cairo Airport. A young brunette with an amazing figure experiences the most important event in her life. Between the airports of Cairo and Paris, her dreams are carried on the wings of the plane, cutting the border between east and west. Yolanda Gillotti leaves her home, family, friends and rushes to a fabulous city, where her dreams of a film career must come true.

Here it is in the plane that takes it to the country where the cinema was born, to Paris, where Jean Gabin and Edith Piaf live. singer DalidaIt should forget everything that is associated with Egypt. A new life begins, which means that it needs to be reborn and, of course, with a new name. At the Paris airport, when she passed the customs control, she was asked for the name, which is indicated in the passport. “Yolanda, but in Paris everyone will call me Delilah.”

From the very first days of her stay in Paris, she rushes from studio to studio, she has several auditions a day at once. At the same time, the owner of the music hall Bruno Kodgiatrix and Radio Europe 1 prepare in the most prestigious concert hall of the capital Olympia a concert of young talents “No. 1 of Tomorrow”. In this small action comes the great future of French pop.

421st applicant auditioned the jury, which were Eddie Barclay and Louis Moriss. Fate decreed that the unusual low voice of Dalida and her amazing appearance made an indelible impression on the commission. Later, Barclay became her producer, Moriss – her Pygmalion, and Bruno Cojiatrix opened the doors of his casino and music hall.

“The Dalida Phenomenon”
Delilah recorded the first disc, but she is not popular. When the second one came out, the song “Bambino” instantly became a superjacker. “Bambino” is everywhere: on radio and television, in each of the Café Dalida and restaurant, in clubs and on the streets. Success comes to a young singer at lightning speed. France and Paris are fascinated by her voice, and it took her only one year to achieve fame.

The phenomenon of Dalida, can be considered the most outstanding achievement of the French pop of the postwar period. Starting from “Bambino” her name appeared 55 times in the first lines of the music charts of France, and of the whole world. Naturally, critics began to argue about what the “Dalida phenomenon” is. Some scolded her for the lack of her own style, others admired the exotic manner of performance, romantic lyrics, attractive appearance of the artist herself. Many wondered how Dalida managed to succeed, performing mostly songs from the repertoire of other singers?

Not just luck
The famous French conductor and composer Paul Maria, who worked at the beginning of his career with Dalida, recalled that she did not know much and could not, but all the obstacles collapsed before the working capacity and perseverance of this woman. More than 120 million singer recording discs are sold all over the world. She owned the first national records: the first French singer, who won the “gold”, “diamond” and “platinum” discs, two Grammy awards. In 1963, the League of intellectuals of France awarded her the honorary title “Commander of the arts, science and literature.” Delilah received awards from the hands of the President of the French Republic, General de Gaulle. Up to this point, none of the artists did not receive such an honor: to earn the medal of Paris and the order of the Legion of Honor.

Two sides of the same coin
singer Dalida Dalida and Lucien Morris
Delilah became the main celebrity of French pop, who was never poor in names. The glory of the new star eclipsed even the brilliance of the masters – Charles Aznavour and Maurice Chevalier. All the girls imitated their favorite singer, it was especially popular to tint the eyes “under Dalida”.

Life smiled at her. The only dissatisfied husband was Lucien Morris. He began to arrange his wife scandals, apparently jealous of her success. In the end, Delilah could not stand the quarrel and fled with the unfamiliar avant-garde artist. Since then, Lucien Morris wilted, lost confidence, and then completely slipped to the side of life. In the late 1960s, Lucien Morris jumped out of the window. Delilah reproached herself for a divorce for a long time, but finally calmed down by the fact that this was a tragic coincidence.
Tireless delilah
Delilah goes with the times, in the 1960s she releases the songs in a twist style and her popularity soars to the tops of Olympus. It was then that the hall “Olympia” became the home of the singer. None of the world famous stars could still surpass that milestone in the number of concerts given by Delilah in this hall. In 1966 a great love came to the singer. Her chosen one is Italian pop composer Luigi Tenko.

singer Dalida Dalida and Luigi Tenko
Usually she did not want to perform works written specifically for her, preferring to sing in someone’s own way. But this time Delilah agreed to perform a new song with her husband as a duet. It happened at the prestigious festival in San Remo. However, the joint number of spouses failed. And then, returning to Paris, the ambitious Luigi shot himself. Delilah fell into despair.

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