The success that Luciano Pavarotti has achieved has not been the case with any tenor. He turned arias into hits. To hear him, going to the stadiums. He was great…

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Stas Namin managed to become a legend and cult character of the whole cultural stratum of the second half of the 20th century, so he does not need any special…


In the mid-1990s, Christina Orbakaite decided to sing. The timid attempts at my mother's “Christmas meetings,” many have caused condescending smiles. As it turned out later, it was in vain.…

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Once the press called Donovan “the troubadour of England in the sun.” And he claims that he is a “seller of hope.” And with the money, he bought an island off the coast of Scotland with an old castle. With his songs, Donovan Litch laid a distinctive path to the ever-crowded concert halls of America and Europe.

Own world
Donovan Philips Litch was born on May 10, 1946 in an ordinary family of workers in Glasgow. When the boy was 10 years old, his parents moved to London. Music and his own creativity in general were for him compensation for the long-term effects of polio, because of which he could not play sports or play with his peers.

He created his own world in fantasy – and with it went to the people. This happened when he turned 16. Donovan hitchhiked traveled all over England up and down. For some time he studied at art school, and although the studio performer Donovan Litchi was quickly tired, she managed to reward Donovan with an acquaintance with English beatniks.

Later, intellectual modes of expression continued to attract him. Although, by his own admission, among his talents, the musical Donovan Litch considered far from the most important. He became a beatnik at a time when local white rhythm and blues were born, among other things, on the British music scene. With one of the groups that worked in this genre (albeit without much fame, but with great enthusiasm), Donovan met in his travels. He went with the ensemble to the south of England, where they played in taverns.

The first tests Donovan Litch
When the team wanted to take a break, Donovan was sent to the scene. The group manager, apparently, was impressed by the singing of the guy and sent him to the first recordings in a London studio. These samples were liked there, and Donovan was quickly redirected to the popular TV program “To the start, attention, march!”. performer Donovan Litch When she was led by Alcon Allen. He listened to the singer, let him go on the air, but accompanied by a phrase that for a long time became the curse of Donovan: “This is European Dylan.” Phrase caught and columnists in the press. Indeed, there were some similarities: a blue cap, a harmonica, nasal intonations in a voice and, most importantly, a desire to change the world with songs.

Donovan Litch quickly attracted the attention of the public. His performance at the Newport Festival was considered successful, the first single “Catch the Wind” took sixth place in the British lists in April 1965, the next one – “Colors” – in July was the fifth. Donovan succeeded in attracting first-class musicians to collaboration with whom he often met: guitarists Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck, as well as multi-instrumentalist John Cameron. It is with him and with one of the most experienced producers of English pop music, Mika Most, perhaps the most significant recordings in Donovan’s career have been created.

Once in the hands of Most, the singer announced: “I will no longer sing about hating, but only about what I love.” And he loved children and old traditions, wildlife, magical and mystical, the Sun, the Earth and the stars. In a short time, Donovan managed to create his own mysterious island in the ocean of pop music, full of peace, love and the daily wonders of nature.

The Conquest of America and Oblivion in England
Those who rebuked him for resemblance with Dylan, adequately replied to the singer’s success precisely where the similarity of the performer Donovan Litchch could be disastrous – in America. One may ask: why did Donovan Litch appeal to numerous admirers and interpreters? Your melodiousness? The subtlety of his acoustic guitar playing? Voice or mysterious texts that are difficult to translate even with the Oxford dictionary?

The use of allegories and allusions to drugs in the lyrics gave reason to rank Donovan as a hippie movement, although some music observers considered this classification as artificial. Donovan succeeded with much simpler material, such as “There Is A Mountain” and “Jennifer Juniper”.

However, the apotheosis of the musical career of the performer fell on the composition based on the works of Lewis Carroll “Hurdy Gurdy Man”. It was this song that formed the basis of the new image of Donovan: singer Donovan Litchulevchennogo poetry and soft drugs troubadour. However, by the end of the 1960s, Donovan and his rather complex musical poems gradually went out of fashion.

Despite the almost complete oblivion in the homeland, in the USA Donovan was very warmly received. Most of his albums of those years were first released in America, and only then, in case of complete confidence in success, were republished in England. Often his records simply did not reach the UK, and those that did enter the British market sometimes found themselves with rearranged compositions or with borrowings from his other albums.

Last successful album
For some time, Donovan Litch worked with Jeff Beck, and the couple achieved undoubted success with the song “Goo Goo Barabajagal”, performed in a completely uncharacteristic style for Donovan.

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