Creativity Igor Talkov
Igor Talkov began writing songs since 1973. The first track was “I'm a little sorry.” After the singer Igor Talkovetoy, many different sketches were created, and in 1975 a ballad…

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In free swimming
In 1976, Edita P'eha decided to organize her own ensemble, the music director of which was a graduate of the Leningrad Conservatory Grigory Kleimits. singer Edita P'eha The first performance…


Claude Francois - Non-extinguishing STAR FRENCH SCENE
The career of a nightclub singer is no longer satisfying Claude. World fame beckons him, but first the singer decided to conquer Paris. At the end of 1961, he and…

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Shaman on Stage Jim Morrison

In Jim’s personal life, an important event also occurred: he met Pamela Carson. She will be devoted to most of his poems and many of the songs. The popularity of the group increased. One of the leading critics of the time, Richard Goldstein, called Jim “a street bully, ascended to heaven and embodied in a boy from a choir.” He dubbed him a “sexy shaman” and announced that The Doors begin where they finished the Rolling Stones.

The special atmosphere at the concerts of the group was established thanks to an unusual synthesis of theater, deep poetry and good music. All this was aimed at causing an internal transformation in each of the listeners. At the same time, Jim did not care what kind of transformation this was. The range of feelings experienced by the audience could range from religious delight and mystical trance to violent fury, which was accompanied by the pogrom of the hall where the concert took place. Jim called it “the study of the limits of reality.” Of course, drugs and alcohol helped in this. He did not consider it necessary to spare himself neither on the stage nor outside, where the “research” was going on. Here he could equally be an angel or a villain.

Jim Morrison ran into a wall
Since 1968, Jim’s disappointment in rock has begun, due to the fact that most of the listeners, musician Jim Morrison, wanted to see in him only a sexual idol. There was a profound difference between him and his audience before. He surpassed it both in the level of education and in his spiritual development. The riot to which he called wore a predominantly moral character. It was a revolt against social conventions, enslaving the individual.

Such a misunderstanding sooner or later should have led to a crisis. In March 1969, Jim actually ripped off a concert in Miami with his mockery of the audience and was accused of obscene behavior on stage. A scandal erupted around the group. Concerts were banned.

After that, Jim radically changed the image: he parted with his consistent skin-fitting leather pants, let go of his beard, began wearing dark glasses and smoking cigars. At meetings with journalists, he was sober, serious, honest and polite. Apparently, this new image was closer to reality and testified to a profound inner change.

Jim Morrison’s wife Patricia Kennels
At this time, thanks to the help of the English poet Michael McClure, the first books of his poems and notes “The Lords” and “The New Creatures” are published. Concerts resumed, but the authorities were waiting for the slightest excuse to ban them again. In the personal life of Jim, and not previously different orderliness, now reigned full of confusion.

In July 1970, he married Patricia Kennel, the editor-in-chief of a rock magazine, but did not end his relationship with Pamela. Until the end of his life, Jim never managed to figure out his relationship with these two women.

On October 30 of the same year, the Miami court finally ended. Jim was sentenced to six months in prison and fined $ 500, but was left free on bail pending an appeal. The months after the trial were the worst. Jim was tormented by a premonition of death. He thought he would be third after Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin. To drown his fear, he continued to drink.

Do not miss death
The last Doors concert took place on December 12, 1970 in New Orleans. musician Jim Morrison Jim’s health was so undermined that he could not finish the concert. Subsequently, Ray claimed that he saw Jim “leave his life force.”

The birth of a star Vera Brezhnev
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