In glory
Ambitious Lisa did not want to be just the daughter of her famous mother. In one of the performances, she specifically began to fake to avoid comparisons with Judy. singer…

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מוצרים לבית חכם
The birth of a star Vera Brezhnev
The transformation of Cinderella into a princess began when, in November 2002, Vera decided to participate in the Miss Dnipropetrovsk competition. A bright blond girl with stunning blue eyes was…

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From amateur to popularity
From the first class, Sofia began to sing in the school and church choir, but the latter could have ended with the exception of the pioneers. The young artist worked…

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Musical Wunderkind

Reginald Kenneth Dwight, so was christened his child Stanley and Sheila Dwight when he was born. From early childhood Reggie showed an interest in music. This was facilitated by the mother, who often worked with the child on the piano. His father was a military musician, played the trumpet in the orchestra of the Royal Air Force. But he didn’t want Reggie to follow in his footsteps, so father’s hobbies were not pleasing to his son.

However, interest in music from Reginald only increased. By the age of four he could play by ear; singer Elton Jonesch contributed to frequent listening to records with popular artists at the time.

When the talented Reginald was 12 years old, the Royal Academy of Music offered free tuition. He regularly attended classes on Saturdays. A year later, the parents divorced, because of what the young man was very worried. At the same age, Reggie began wearing glasses, copying the famous artist Buddy Holly. As expected, Reggie became short-sighted and could no longer do without glasses.

Future elton john chose music
Stephenald’s stepfather supported the child’s beginnings in music. For the first time he came to the public in 16 years. He sang and played the piano every weekend. And in the corner was always his mother. For his performance, Reg got one pound a night and was able to save up for an electric piano.

At that time, the young man was busy with three jobs at once. In the morning he acted as a courier in a music publishing house. During the day I played the piano in the restaurant. Finally, in the evening, singer Elton Joni performed rehearsed with the Bluesology group, which he organized with his schoolmates. They managed to release two singles, but both of them were unsuccessful.

Reggie’s school has never finished. He threw it because of work in the music publishing company Mills. However, the work had to be left when the group went on tour in Britain with the accompanying line-up of one singer.

In 1967, touring again. At this time, Reggie fell in love with a girl named Linda and long sought her attention. But she made him make a choice: “Either me, or music.” A boy of desperation wanted to commit suicide. But, fortunately, he changed his mind, and chose music.

Bad first step
Learning about the contest for young talents, which was held by Liberty Music, Reggie hurried to audition. He sang a couple of other people’s songs … and failed. But fate turned out to be favorable to him: the organizer of the competition, Ray Williams, gave the “unfortunate musician” the poems of one poet. Without knowing it, singer Elton John Ray formed the creative union of Elton John and Bernie Topin for more than three decades.

All the same Ray Williams introduced Reginald to Dick James. He once published the songs of The Beatles. Now, at Ray’s request, must record the first Reggie song. Dick James has a publishing contract with Reginald. And Bernie Topin moved to London.

At first Reggie and Bernie had to work on the social order. But later, Dick James agreed to record and release Reginald’s own record. So it’s time to change his name. And became Reginald Dwight Elton John.

The failure, success and tour of Elton in the United States
Elton’s first plastic “I’ve Been Loving You” was released in March 1968, but was not successful. And not by chance. The fact is that Elton wrote a song in the then popular style only to become famous. Moreover, the words he wrote himself, and the right to be considered the author of these poems gave Topin. As a result, I had to return to my previous work.

The head of one of the departments of the publishing house began to persuade the director to give free rein to singer Elton Jonsauthors in their work. Dick James agreed. This allowed Elton to punch his name into the world of music.

And here is real luck. A novice English musician was noticed in America and invited to tour. In September 1970, Elton went to the United States. He was given a good reception. At the same time, Elton and his team, which included drummer Nigel Olson and bassist Dee Murray (guitarist Davy Johnston joined them a bit later), recorded the music for the film Friends. By the end of 1971, Reginald Kenneth Dwight officially changed his name and became Elton Hercules John.

Sample yourself
Davey Johnston once said that he would like to release his solo album. Elton and his manager John Reid undertook to help a friend. But all negotiations with the studios were in vain. Then it was decided to open his own company, which would help young talents to make their way to glory.

In 1974, Elton’s career was a failure. His next album was met badly. Moving a little away from this blow Elton John, singer Elton Jon switched to other areas of activity. He bought the Watford football team and later became president of this club.

Elton John succeeded in being an actor on the stage. In 1975, the rock opera “Tommy” was being prepared by Ken Russell. The director wanted the musicians to play mostly roles. So Elton got the role, though very small, only 4 minutes of presence on the stage. In the same year, Elton was invited to record his record, John Lennon. Elton, in turn, invited Lennon to play in his disc.

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