Demis Roussos first contract
Since then, the group and performances have become an integral part of his life. The meeting with Vangelis Papazanasio and Lukas Sideras was a turning point in his musical career.…

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In the mid-1990s, Christina Orbakaite decided to sing. The timid attempts at my mother's “Christmas meetings,” many have caused condescending smiles. As it turned out later, it was in vain.…

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Eternal youth Cher
Temperamental singer can hardly be called beautiful in the classical understanding of beauty. But, you see, the Lord so generously rewarded her with charm and talent that it would be…

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Inflammatory shakira

Hot as fire, energetic, like an erupting volcano, talented, like all the gods of Olympus, a loving mother and beloved wife. All this is Shakira, which in fact does not need special representations. Her fiery songs are understood on all continents, and passionate dances and super-shows give people a festive mood. That is what she dreamed of.

Young prodigy
Shakira was born in Colombia, which was associated only with the drug trade and writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, on February 2, 1977. She was an only child in the family, but her father (a Lebanese by nationality) had eight more children from her first marriage. In the veins of Shakira – a mixture of Spanish, Italian and Lebanese blood, perhaps that is why it manifested artistic talents very early in it.

At the age of three, the girl learned to read, at four she began to write poetry, and she composed the first song “Your dark glasses” into the singer Shakiravosy. This composition was born to her after one of her elder brothers died in an accident, and her father began to wear dark glasses to hide his grief under them.

At an early age, the mother took the girl to school, but she was not accepted, she was too young. The following year, she was brought back to the school, where a commission gathered to assess the girl’s knowledge. The teachers were amazed, they considered the child a prodigy and immediately enrolled in class. Now IQ of the singer is 140 points and is considered one of the highest among the artists.

Shakira’s Magic
Her parents strongly supported her daughter’s desire for creativity – her father bought her a typewriter for writing poetry, and her mother accompanied all the local contests and concerts in which the girl performed and won. At school, she sang in the choir (although the teacher said that her voice sounded like a goat mooing), then she became involved in bells and fell in love with the scene. She was drawn by the singer Shakiradud like a magnet; as a child she already realized that she wanted to seriously study music and sing her own songs.

At one of her performances in her native Barranquilla, Shakira met the theater producer Monica Arias, who was so impressed with her songs that she decided to help the girl in promoting her career.

Choosing an opportunity, Monica asked the Sony Colombia producer to listen to the singer. He did not refuse, and moreover – he liked the style and manner of performance of Shakira. There was only a little – to convince the top management of the company to pay attention to the Colombian singer. But musical bosses considered Shakira unpromising.

The producers did not give up and persuaded them to come to the concert of the singer in Bogota, where she had moved with her mother. Three songs turned out to be enough for such a famous record label to sign with Shakira and release the first album “Magia”.

Entry to a new level
It was the first victory on the way to her dream, from which the young performer could feel dizzy, but she did not catch star fever, rather the opposite. Her first recordings of mass success were not, so she began to work even harder, learn English, study English poetry and memorize Bob Dylan’s songs, singer Shakira, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Police, The Rolling Stones and Nirvana, to enter the English-speaking public. The girl reviewed all the performances of Madonna and Michael Jackson, to be inspired by their dedication.

With a dictionary in her hands, she scrupulously made words into lines, and lines into couplets. Shakira simply could not entrust it to someone else, it is not in her character. She wrote new songs in a more rigid style and rhythm, which were included in the album “Barefoot”. It has sold 5 million copies, it has become even a small, but a victory.

Then Shakira was the same blonde, singing uncomplicated songs, like many, but she wrote them herself and differed from others in her frantic Latin American temperament and sensuality. Most of her songs were still in Spanish and Portuguese, although this did not prevent the public at concerts in France, Turkey or Canada from understanding their meaning and feeling all the energy and positive energy from Shakira from the stage.

Latin American breakthrough
Popular magazines called Shakira in 1996 the “Man of the Year” and “Woman of the Year”, she became the first citizen of Colombia to conquer quite distant countries – Spain, Portugal and even Japan – with Shakira guitar. It was a real Latin American breakthrough. The audience was looking forward to the singer’s new album and it was psychologically pressing on Shakira, she felt her responsibility before the audience and wanted to live up to their hopes. Almost all the material for recording the disc was ready, and then something irreparable happened – at the airport someone stole a suitcase with texts and notes.

Gathering her will into a fist, Shakira set about creating new songs in a pair with producer Emilio Estefan. Exactly 9 months later, the album “Where are the thieves?” Was released, which became platinum five times, became one of the best-selling Latin American albums, and on the first day 300,000 copies were sold.

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