The success that Luciano Pavarotti has achieved has not been the case with any tenor. He turned arias into hits. To hear him, going to the stadiums. He was great…

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Dalida's path to the dream
December 25, 1954, Cairo Airport. A young brunette with an amazing figure experiences the most important event in her life. Between the airports of Cairo and Paris, her dreams are…

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Rare vocal, fantastic energy of creativity and the magnificent choreography of Raphael can not be compared with any known world performer. The idol of millions, the god of musical Olympus,…

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Perilous Lara Fabian

Lara Fabian’s voice bewitches from the first chords of any composition. She can not be confused with any singer, so distinctive is her style. She goes on stage almost without makeup, in discreet costumes, without dancers and with a minimum of musicians. And in this it is inimitable. The singer is confident that the viewer should not be distracted from the sound of music and vocal skill of the performer. And Lara has a lyric soprano of 4.1 octaves in her piggy bank.

Daughter of Sicilian and Flemish
Lara Fabian was born into a transnational family on January 9, 1970. It happened in Belgium, in the town Etterbik. Lara’s mother has Sicilian roots, and her father is Fleming. The family lived in Sicily for several years, and when their daughter was five, her parents finally settled in Belgium.

Creative instinct and craving for music in his daughter found his father – Pierre singer Lara Fabian Crocker, who masterfully plays the guitar. He bought Lara a piano and began to develop her abilities, in parallel, she studied singing at the conservatory. Pierre often performed on the stages of various clubs, where he gave his daughter the opportunity to show their talents. Therefore, the voice of Lara Fabian (her mother’s maiden name) has become known since adolescence. She did not miss a single music contest, won prizes and improved her performing style.

Talent show
Having received considerable stage experience, Lara decided to take part in a talent competition in Brussels. Imagine the surprise of the audience and professional musicians, when the girl managed to win three main singer Lara Fabian at once, the most important of which was the record. In 1987, her first album, L’Aziza est en pleurs, was released, which she dedicated to the young French singer and songwriter, Daniel Balavuan, who was killed in a plane crash. His Lara considered an example to follow in musical creativity.

In 1988, Fabian went to represent Luxembourg at Eurovision. There, her performance with the song “Croire” (“Believe”) was awarded the fourth place. Thus began the international career of the singer. This song instantly scattered across Europe, and the record sold out in an edition of 600 thousand copies.

New Continent Lara Fabian
At this time in Brussels, a fateful acquaintance with Lara, a musician Rick Allison, took place. He fell in love with her charming voice and offered to go and try his luck in Canada. After moving to another continent, young musicians are looking for a production company that would agree to work with them, but these attempts were in vain. Then they decided to create their own company and began writing songs for the new album Fabian. He saw the light in 1991 and was called simply “Lara Fabian”.

singer Lara Fabians Rick Allison
The powerful voice of Lara and the romantic repertoire touched the hearts of many listeners. This collection was the first and real triumph of the singer. The album quickly won first gold and then platinum status. The compositions “Le jour ou tu partiras” and “Qui pense a l’amour” became indisputable hits, and Lara was nominated for the annual Canadian music prize “Felix”.

Crucial moment
The second studio album they released with Rick in 1994, it was called “Carpe diem” (“Catch the moment”). The singer really caught him – the moment of good luck and creative recovery, it was a turning point in her career. In just two weeks, the album became gold, firmly fixing the name of the performer in the music world.

She began to be invited to all sorts of festivals, she spent a whole year on wheels, singer Lara Fabian traveled to many cities with performances. In any room, Lara Fabian was waiting for a warm welcome, her popularity was rapidly gaining momentum, but she did not manage to conquer America until the end, where the incredibly popular Celine Dion then dominated.

But on a Canadian tour, she visited 25 cities and earned the status of the most promising singer in the country. It was an unprecedented event, because Lara Fabian was not of Canadian origin, but such is the strength of her talent.

Person of the year
Canada became a second home for Lara Fabian, this country seemed to her more free for creativity, where she felt great potential and inspiration for creating her own songs. The new setting helped her write soulful compositions that were highly appreciated by the audience and gave her a real recognition. In 1995, she was even granted Canadian citizenship.

It became no less popular in the countries of Western Europe, having received in 1996 the title “Discovery of the Year” in France. At the same time, the famous French magazine Pari-Match put her photo on the cover and called her person of the year. After France, her voice was fascinated by the public in Britain and China.

On musical Olympus
Lara Fabian was already a global star when her third studio album “Pure” (“Clean”) was released. Singer Lara Fabian She wrote almost all the songs for herself, and Rick Allison with whom they had a long romantic relationship. Lara dedicated this album to her lover. In France, the album had a stunning effect.

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