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Andrei Makarevich is first of all known as the founder of the legendary “Time Machine”, from which he went from the musical underground to the status of the master of national rock. But the well-known musician is talented, as well as the “true” to the real creator, in many ways. He writes poems, music and paintings, and also produces, works in television and scuba diving. And this is not all, in which the personality of Andrei Vadimovich is revealed.

With the notes did not work out
Andrei Makarevich was born on December 11, 1953 in the family of a famous architect, professor of the Moscow Architectural Institute, the author of several monuments. Andrei’s mother dedicated her life to studying tuberculosis, singer Andrei Makarevich was a doctor of medical sciences. The house often played music. Although the father of music education did not have, but he perfectly picked up different music on the piano from jazz to classical, so the boy spent his first musical experiments on the same keyboard. He tried to reproduce melodies by ear, especially he was inspired by the composition from the movie “Last inch.” The child was even hired by a private music teacher, but the relationship with the teacher somehow went wrong. She strongly encouraged him to learn the notes, and they caused persistent rejection in Andrei. Very quickly, the teacher refused to engage with such a ward and was sent to a regular music school. Andrei stayed there for two whole years, but the “love affair” ended there.

The first chords Makarevich
He liked to play hard melodies and rhythms that he heard on forbidden records brought by his father from foreign trips. singer Andrei Makarevich. Of course, they were rockers. In the middle classes, Andrei Makarevich was awakened by a craving for poetry. He studied at a prestigious school with an emphasis on learning English. Together with his classmates, he began to write parody lines on the Soviet ideology. The guys recorded these rhymes in special notebooks and allowed them to entertain along the rows of desks. Once during the holidays, one of his friends gave Andrey a guitar and showed how to take the three simplest chords. The young man realized that with their help he would be able to play the songs of Vladimir Vysotsky and Yuri Vizbor. Then, during the holidays, he erased all the fingers to somehow learn how to play.

Musicians special schools
The real song work of Andrei Makarevich began in the 8th grade. And again, it was not without the participation of his father, who at that time brought the record The Beatles from a regular business trip. As an adult, the musician recalled that he then had the feeling that something began to change irreversibly after hearing the music, his ears were freed from cotton, and the Beatles era began. The Liverpool Four Makarevich listened to before and after school, the weekend all the time, causing the parents of the exiled Andrei Makarevich to chase the tape recorder onto the balcony, where he turned on the sound to the full capacity so that all passersby could hear the rock music.

Under the influence of the Beatles, then all the acquaintances of Andrei Makarevich turned out to be. Since English was thoroughly studied in a special school, none of the students had any problems with playing songs or even writing covers.

Impressed by the creative work of The Beatles, Makarevich creates in 1968 his first “four” called The Kids, which included two boys and two girls. A year later, the girls were asked to transfer to the auditorium, and the guys from the neighboring school took their place. The name of the Kids transformed into Time Machines. The guys reacted to their collective with all seriousness – they gathered at rehearsals every day and recorded a record, which included 11 English-language songs. And 1969 was the year of birth of the first Soviet rock band.

Victim of “ideological purge”
As you know, rock music in the Soviet Union had an underground status, there was nothing to dream about professionally, so after school Andrei Makarevich went to MARHI to follow in his father’s footsteps. singer Andrei Makarevich. He painted remarkably, he had excellent teachers at the institute, so Makarevich says that he is not a musician who paints, but an artist engaged in music.

Study was successful until rock music seriously intervened in the process. Time Machines did not stop its activities, regularly met at the “Homes” and held underground concerts. It certainly did not paint the Soviet student Komsomol. After another “ideological purge” at the architectural institute, Andrei Makarevich was expelled from the university in company with other long-haired students.

A lover of rock and roll had to look for work. I managed to get a job at a design institute that was engaged in the development of cultural buildings. The singer Andrei Makarevich didn’t overload the hobby of Makarevich singer Andrei Makarevich’s collective. Although in those years his group was in the deep underground, however, it already had fame in certain circles. The first illegal Time Machines records were spread throughout Moscow and Leningrad (St. Petersburg), and Makarevich switched from English songs to Russians.

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